Hip Hop

A brave woman, fearless and ready for a new life packed three kids into her car and headed for a new state.  I moved to Des Moines initially when I was three years old.  Mom was trying to start fresh and carve out a new life for us kids.  We lived up the street from a daycare center, so it was only natural that we went there as mom put in hours at work.  My sisters and I were the only white kids at the daycare center, most of the daycare was Black.  All of us kids would gather in a room at the daycare and dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller video together, we ran together and played.   

I continued to love HIp Hop and when I was in middle school I really embraced Hip Hop culture. On days when I could I watched In Living Color and MTV and loved the bold style and colorful personalities.  Being immersed in Hip Hop culture growing up has had a major influence on my art today.  Currently I'm working on combining the look of edgy graffiti with fine art to produce something that I'm passionate about.  

I fell in love with Hip Hop culture and to this day I love the vibe of Hip Hop.  Hip Hop is a way of life, and has rich roots steeped in tradition.    

HIP HOP by Kathryn Sturges (FW acrylic ink, Sakura Koi watercolor and white Blick matte acrylic)

HIP HOP by Kathryn Sturges (FW acrylic ink, Sakura Koi watercolor and white Blick matte acrylic)

Rock Legends

Created with Watercolor, India Ink and Acrylic, these Rock Legends have a groovy Seventies vibe.

Katy Perry created with Bic Pen, watercolor crayons and markers

Katy Perry created with Bic Pen, watercolor crayons and markers

Janis Joplin watercolor with watercolor crayon and acrylic in white

Bob Marley in Watercolor and India Ink

David Bowie in pen, watercolor crayon and marker

Stevie Nicks in pen, acrylic ink and marker

Jerry Garcia with watercolors, watercolor crayons, India Ink


Over the weekend I hung out with an old friend, and my spirit is totally revived, refreshed and on fire!  It's amazing how people from the past can remind you of who you used to be, who you really are deep inside.  My friend is an artist and he gave me some valuable advice about art and life.  For the way you do one thing is really how you do everything, there is so much overlap and expansion when you chase your passion and let your creativity take whatever shape it needs to take in each moment.

I absolutely love my life!  I get to make things all day and follow my inspiration where it leads.  At the same time I have been playing pretty small to the point that my dreams feel improbable and damn near unlikely.  Seeing my friend this weekend reminded me that it's ok to have a devil may care attitude, it's ok to play guitar AND sew AND paint AND draw AND write AND dream.  I often spend a lot of time worrying about what to create.  I always have so many ideas and I love dabbling and playing with all different art forms.  I've been worried that I will never be taken seriously as an artist if I play too much....that somehow I am supposed to follow steps in some kind of order to come out on top in the game of life.  

Roar by Kathryn Sturges

Roar by Kathryn Sturges

For a couple weeks I've been "on retreat", doing the Women Unleashed retreat hosted by Amber Kuillimilani Bonnici (spelling?).  The retreat is all about feminine power, living on purpose and tuning into your creative fire.  I feel like my spirit is breaking apart, and a new me is emerging out of the shell of who I once was.  It feels pretty freaking amazing and I can't wait to take action on some new dreams and ride the wave of inspiration.  

(The above painting is the start of my new series about animal totems.  Whitney Freya was one of the teachers at the retreat and I have her latest book on order.  She is a Shamanista and hippie and I'm totally smitten with the energy she brings to art, spirituality and empowerment.)