I just love to make things!

I find profound peace in a simple life.  I enjoy working with my hands to create art and sewn goods because the act of creation connects me firmly with the present moment.  Art making is a way for me to relax and tune inward, a way to soothe my spirit and bring peace to my heart.  I just love to make things!



As an artist I find myself exploring a lot of different creative outlets.  I'm in Des Moines, IA nestled in the heartland where sleepy days turn to starry nights.  The one commonality between all my arts is a rich passion for color and strong desire to create something cool!  My work has a sense of humor and also reaches down deep below the surface.  I love to explore my humanity through the things that I create.  There are always fresh projects in the works so follow me on social media and you will be first to be updated on my wild adventures!