My Mission Statement


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Hello!  I'm Kathryn Sturges; artist, dreamer and minimalist.  I've been an artist and crafter for a very long time.  Making things has empowered me so much in life and opened up a whole new world for me. 

This blog is a space to wax poetic about the creative life!  I share tutorials of projects I've made and share lots of ideas for bringing creativity into your own life.  Creativity is a lifestyle, not just paper and paint.  Every day can be fulfilling when you think outside the box and make your life the canvas. 

I've learned a whole helluva lot about being creative over the years, and it's my hope that sharing that knowledge will inspire you to get crafty.  A joyful life is all about doing less of what you don't enjoy to make room for what really lights you up!  Do what you love and life suddenly becomes more meaningful and full of heart.

Thanks for visiting the blog!

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