Greetings, salutations and amore!

I'm Kathryn Sturges; artist, seamstress and spiritualist.  I've been making art in various forms for most of my life, and am so happy you have discovered my blog!  

Throughout my life I have been on a journey of self expression, first tapping into the power of music and poetry.  Then I discovered sewing in 1999 and I was hooked on restyling thrift store finds into bell bottoms and other creations.  When I was 30 I discovered a watercolor set on my bookshelf, and the rest is history!  I totally fell in love with painting and the way I could express my innermost self through visual art.  

The purpose of this online journal is to inspire, share perspectives and encourage some creativity!  There are some tutorials, some existential rants, art journal ideas and more.  Feel free to browse around and if there is something you would love to learn more about; be them techniques or tutorials, contact me and I will create a series of posts just for you.

I'm on DeviantArt and if you are also there I would love to check out your work!  Search KatSturges there to find my art and be sure to leave a comment so I can come see what you do.  

Also slowly but surely I'm offering patterns on Craftsy.  The patterns are plus size fashion and restyling, accessories and other wearables.  The best part is the patterns are either extremely affordable or free!  Search Fashion Edit on Craftsy and my patterns will be there.


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