Greetings, salutations and amore!

I'm Kathryn Sturges; artist, seamstress and spiritualist.  I've been making art in various forms for most of my life, and am so happy you have discovered my blog!  

Throughout my life I have been on a journey of self expression, first tapping into the power of music and poetry.  Then I discovered sewing in 1999 and I was hooked on restyling thrift store finds into bell bottoms and other creations.  When I was 30 I discovered a watercolor set on my bookshelf, and the rest is history!  I totally fell in love with painting and the way I could express my innermost self through visual art.  These days I am into quilting up beautiful heirlooms and messy mixed media painting.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!  If there is something you want to see on the blog, or if you would like to collaborate with me on a me and let me know!  Currently I don't offer my work for sale however if you are interested in buying a piece or receiving some custom artwork give a shout out and we can work out the details.  Or if you are just lonely and want to jam with a fellow creative, drop a line!  The video below features my favorite song, "Carry You" by Dispatch.  Music carries me through the days and most of my projects are created on the wings of music.


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