Create Groovy Silhouette Art


For years I've wanted to dive into art journaling techniques by Dina Wakley.  I have her book Art Journal Freedom and have been trying out some techniques.  My favorite so far is creating silhouettes.  I have been trying out different methods because I love the look of a silhouette, they add so much to a journal page.  If you have ever tried to make one free hand then you might understand how difficult it is to create the nuances of the human form and include all the detail necessary to produce a compelling silhouette.

Here are some tips, try out your own methods and media to see what works best for you.  In Dina Wakley's book she suggests using spray paint, however I'm the kind of gal who loves using what I have on hand and I tend to improvise with materials a lot.  So use what you have and create some practice works to see what works best for you.

1.  Find a magazine with an image of a person on the cover.  Fashion magazines are good for this, also any magazine with images of people will do.  I like to use the covers because the paper is thicker and stands up to paint and ink.  Some magazines have thicker paper throughout which would also work great.  Another option is to glue the magazine page onto a heavier paper before you cut out the shape.  

2.  Tear off the cover and cut out the image of the person carefully.  Then place the cover onto your paper or canvas, you can tape it down so that it stays in place or if you are working flat hold down the edges as you go.  Otherwise paint seeps underneath and produces a muddy image.

3.  Using an ink stamp pad, paint or markers...fill in the area where the person was to create the silhouette. I like to use black however you can also use color.  

4.  Another method is to begin with an abstract background with lots of texture, like I did in the above work.  Instead of using the entire cover, use the cut out of the person instead.  Press the cut out down and paint around it with black or white, so that the silhouette shape is in color.

Silhouettes are so primal and I love that they leave so much to the imagination.  A silhouette can represent people in a more abstract way.  Try them in your art journal or on canvas to spice up your creative practice.


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