Make Comics

Making comics is a lot of fun, and just think of the possibilities!  You can create quirky comics each day of your adventures, you could give them as gifts.  Comics are something that I make occasionally, however making them is especially incredible when you are having a hard time in life.  Creating comics about your life experiences helps you lighten up and find the humor in it all.

When I created this comic I was going through a particularly rough time in life.  I had just moved to Des Moines after living in small town Iowa for about 17 years.  The culture shock was incredible and let's just say that I felt very "green".  My husband and I had moved to an apartment in downtown Des Moines and the building was full of mostly rich millennials.  I just felt really out of place and it totally shattered my self confidence.  So I made this comic to describe the general feeling of my life in those days.

I made the mistake of working small when I made this comic.  If you want to get really detailed, be sure to work big and then you can shrink down the images later.  A comic can be anything from simple stick figure sketches to really elaborate designs.  Play around with this if the idea appeals to you, making comics is a lot of fun and it's even more fun to share them with others.

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