Sew a Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging

I made this Hamsa quilt about three years ago as a symbol of protection for my loft apartment.  The year was not going very well and I wasn't enjoying living in such close quarters with the rest of the building.  So I made this art quilt to protect my space and to bring in some fresh energy.  The whole time I made the quilt I envisioned protection and harmony, and the quilt seemed to become infused with a sort of powerful energy.

There is another Hamsa symbol for luck, with the outer fingers closed instead of open.  Google the design if you want to make a lucky art quilt.  The Hamsa is a very potent symbol so use wisely!

Hamsa Hand Pattern

The traditional Hamsa Hand is an ancient protective symbol that can be found in many cultures throughout the world.  These quilts are great for decorating your own home or to give as housewarming gifts for spiritual friends.  

1.  First create your hand pattern.  There are two types of hamsa hands...one with the outer fingers pointing out for protection and one with the fingers all together for good fortune.

2.  Trace your pattern onto a piece of fabric, and create a square a bit larger than the hand.  Pin the hand shape onto the square and sew around with a zig zag or other decorative stitch.

3.  Pin the square to a piece of batting and use a zig zag stitch to sew around the outside.  Then trim away the batting.

4.  Draw an eye design on the palm of the hand.  Sew over the lines with a straight stitch or other decorative stitch.  Add decorative stitching to your liking.  Sew on a large button as the iris of the eye.  Add a border fabric around the outside if you want to.  Then place the work face down on a piece of muslin or backing fabric, pin and sew around the edges with a straight stitch, leaving an opening for turning right side out.  Turn right side out and finger press the edges.  Sew around the outside edges with a decorative stitch, closing the opening.  Add a loop for displaying the work.

Hamsa Hand Wall Hanging



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