Keeping a Collage Journal


Sometimes journaling just doesn't suit me.  In fact sometimes I just don't feel like writing down what's on my mind.  If emotions are overwhelming it can be intimidating to face the blank page, wondering what might show up scrolled across the page when your emotions are pent up inside.

A great way to express your emotions and come to terms with how you are feeling is to keep a collage journal.  Simply by choosing a few images and a word to go with, then gluing them down in a notebook or sketchbook...it gives you a way to express yourself visually when words just won't do.

After my younger sister passed away I kept a collage journal for months.  Every day I would just spend five to ten minutes.  The process of collage journaling really helped me move through the pain of losing a loved one, when sometimes I was terribly sad and didn't know how to express my emotion.  

Some tips for keeping a collage journal...

1.  Store some magazines in a basket or on a table where you can keep them handy for daily journaling.  Besides that you just need a glue stick and scissors.  Or tear out images with your hands, you can add decorative edges by tearing as well.

2.  Feel free to add writing to your journal as you desire.  You can write beside images or journal right on top of the magazine pages.  Sharpies and regular ballpoint pens work well, and are pretty inexpensive.

3.  Any notebook works for collage journaling, I have used everything from composition books to sketchbooks.  

4.  Some great magazines to use are spiritual magazines, national geographics, fashion magazines, art magazines.  Pick up magazines from the bookstore, or ask friends to give you old magazines that may be destined for the trash.

5.  Although I have only rarely done so, even junk mail can be used in your journal.  Or glue in ticket stubs from events you go to.  

6.  Print out photos from your everyday life to put in your journal.  The personal imagery will add more meaning to your journal entries.

Keeping a collage journal is so much fun, and can be a truly healing way to get your emotions out.  Collage is a great way to get creative and is so inexpensive.  It also doesn't take a lot of materials or skillset to do, so anyone can benefit by collaging.  Free your creative expression and start a collage journal, it could make you feel a whole lot better and become a source of comfort.