Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

Happy Weekend!  I just wanted to hop on the blog, to share a little lesson in page layout with you. Dina Wakley, a keen art journal junkie, talks of symmetry vs. asymmetry in one of her books on art journaling.  Before I read it I honestly never gave the concepts that much thought.  I tend to appreciate asymmetry a lot, however I'm finding that symmetry is very comforting in my art journals.

The above journal page is an example of symmetry.  The design is fairly balanced on both sides.  I created the pattern in red by adding some water to the pages then placed a few drops of red acrylic ink onto the paper.  Next I closed the book and applied pressure to spread out the ink on the middle of each of the pages in a symmetrical way.  Similar to a rorschach, the design has an airy quality to it.  Adding a photo to each side of the image in a similar place on the two pages creates an extra element of symmetry.

Here is another example of a symmetrical page.  The pink rectangle is placed in the middle of the two pages, and then when I added the collage I made the two sides fairly even to create a symmetrical look.  

Now to asymmetry, which is fairly simple to achieve.  There are still things to consider in an asymmetrical composition.  You can add balance and harmony with the use of color.  In the actual art journal page the painted text is pink, which matches the platform sandal.  Red, black and blue also harmonize this work.

Play around with symmetry and asymmetry in your art journal.  Try out each layout and see which you like better.  Symmetry can evoke a sense of peace and calm, while asymmetry is often more energetic and can create tension.  Ok, I'm off to begin another art journal page!