My Latest Passion: Riot Grrrl Zines

Zines I'm reviewing for Riot Grrrl Press

Zines I'm reviewing for Riot Grrrl Press

A couple of years ago one of my old pals gave me some art zines he made.  They were based on his dreams, and I absolutely loved them so much!  For the last about five months I keep creating lists of things I want to learn more about and possibly create, and Zines keep showing up on the list.  I began researching them a few weeks ago and came across Jolie Ruin's Etsy shop, The Escapist Artist.  She has been on a mission to resurrect Riot Grrrl Zines which was a movement in the late '80s to early '90s.  The Zines are about feminism or feature women telling stories about their life.  

So I signed up to review some Zines for Jolie Ruin and a project she has going, and I'm having so much fun getting lost in the worlds of the authors.  It is so incredible to see what other women think about deep inside.  Honestly when I go about my life I look at other women and for some reason I always think they have it all put together and that surely they know what they want in life and know how to get there.  The Zines are showing me that everyone is human and that women can totally band together to witness each other's depth and beauty.  I'm also learning how important it is to use your voice to share about your life experiences because other people can learn from those experiences.

I've got another batch of Zines on the way and I can't wait to get lost in the pages.  I'm also pondering creating some of my own, however we shall see.  I'm not committing to anything just yet however I now have a whole new passion to pursue and there is a whole underground culture of women that I would love to pay homage to.  

Check out Jolie Ruin's shop on Etsy, The Escapist Artist, and if you just search zines there you will find that there is this whole crazy world of women adding their voice to this collective of coolness.

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