Themes for your Art Journal

I tend to make my journals more "anything goes" however sometimes it is quite nice to create a themed journal.  Sticking to a theme can be fun because by the time the journal is done you will have an entire book all dedicated to a focus that you love.  You can also create themed journals to give to other people, or devote a blog to your theme. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

1.  Introspective Journal-this is what I tend to do most.  I am seriously way into personal growth and spirituality and love to create journals around the things I am learning.  You could create a journal about your spiritual path, or about ways that you witness Divine Presence showing up in your life.  

2.  Gratitude Journal-this is especially a good idea if you are having a rough time in life.  Creating a gratitude journal, and painting or drawing things you are grateful for each day can totally turn around your mood.  You can also take photos of things you are grateful for, print them out and use them as collage fodder for your journal.

3.  Dream Journal-Keeping a log of your night time dreams is another introspective practice.  A dream journal will be quite personal to you, so if you make one you may want to find a place to store it away from prying eyes.  Exploring your dreams can give you insight and answers to issues you face in day to day life.  Collage would be an amazing way to journal about dreams.

4.  Seasonal Journal-You can keep journals for each season, and document things you love about the different seasons in your area.  I am very into nature so including natural elements in a journal like this would be so lovely.  You can also work in seasonal recipes and document ways that you are celebrating the seasons.

5.  Travel Journal-If you have ever taken an epic road trip or traveled abroad, chances are you have tons of photos from that experience.  Making a travel journal is a fun way to honor trips from the past, or you can make one of new adventures and road trips.  Fun things to consider are collaging ticket stubs, wrappers from foods from the region you are staying in, etc.  It is fun to gather collage fodder from the places you visit and include them in a travel themed journal.

6.  Diary-Last but certainly not least is the diary journal.  Simply documenting your day to day experiences is fun because then at the end of the year you can look back over your journal to see how you spent the year.  It is a great way to remember how far you have come and all the wonderful things you did throughout the year.

I hope this list gives you some ideas for your journal adventures.  Come up with an idea that suits you, and your journal experience will be personal and so much fun!