What does freedom mean to you?

This weekend is the first in my new weekend series of journal prompts.  During the week, approximately every Wednesday, I share a technique or idea for you to incorporate into your journal toolbox.  Then on the weekends I will share a journal prompt for you to explore in your journal.  

This week's prompt is a simple one, yet it could be highly charged for you.  With the political environment recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about rights and freedom.  So this week's prompt to explore is simple.  

What does freedom mean to you?  

I explored various aspects of freedom in my journal this week, the above image is what I came up with.  First write in your journal about what freedom means to you.  Then take some craft paint, and paint over the writing.  This helps you to work through what you want to say with your journal page.  It is a process of refining your message.  

So I challenge you to ponder what freedom means to you.  Everyone is coming from a unique place in life, with different experiences and life challenges.  Your vision of freedom will be very different from other people.  And that is beautiful!  It's important to understand the things you value in life in order to create a life you really love.