Manifesting Positive Relationships

It is another New Moon, the first of Spring 2017.  The New Moon is a great time to send energy toward what you want to manifest in the coming month.  This New Moon, I am turning my focus toward my relationships, and I invite you to do the same!  

First, get out your art journal and a pen...or open up a document on the computer to hash out your vision.  To get some clarity about your relationships, begin by writing a gratitude list about your relationships.  Who in your life are you grateful for?  Then journal a bit about what you want your relationships to be like.  How do you want your relationships to feel?  

I came to the conclusion that I want to offer a ton of positive energy to my relationships.  I also figured out that I want to treat people how I want to be treated.  I want to be more accepting and less judgmental in my relationships.  I want my relationships to feel REALLY good!

Next, figure out what one quality you want to manifest in yourself...what one quality do you want to focus on for the next month that will help your relationships blossom.  I've decided that I want to be more LOYAL in my relationships.  Loyalty means so much to me and I value it so much when other people are loyal to me.  

Background of Journal Page

Get out your art journal and prepare a background.  I wrote in my journal so my first step was to cover the background with craft paint.  Then I added some brown acrylic ink, I wanted my page to feel really earthy and grounded.  Use the materials you have on hand and get some paint on the page.

Next, gather up a couple of magazines and flip through.  I used a National Geographic magazine. Tear out some images that represent the quality that you want to bring to your relationships.  Cut them out and glue them onto the journal page.  

Manifesting Loyalty in My Relationships

Finally add the word which represents the quality you would like to bring to your relationships during the next month.  Date the page so you will know when you set your initial intention.  Now look for ways to bring the quality into your relationships during the month.  If you want a reminder, take a photo of the journal page and post it as the back drop on your computer, print out a copy to tuck in your purse or to glance at throughout the day.  

When the next Full Moon rolls around, give thanks for your relationships and write a bit about ways your chosen quality showed up in your relationships.  Here's to building relationships that feel really good for everyone involved.  Manifest better relationships today!