Fall Update

Spirit Squares Quilt

Spirit Squares Quilt

So much is changing, with fall in full swing. The weather has been freezing cold, there have been some light flurries and the sun is setting super early now. I’ve been spending a lot more time in the sewing room lately. It is so funny because just when it seems I have my arts pinned down, I find myself wanting to explore something different.

I’m still taking classes by Effy Wild, however my art making has slowed way down. I was trying to paint with acrylics however acrylic paints and mediums are really tough on my asthma, so I’m back to watercolor again. It has been a little disheartening because I signed up for three classes with Effy and they are all focused on acrylics and mixed media. I’ve been trying to do the activities with watercolor and am still learning a lot, however it just isn’t the same as working with acrylic paints. BUMMER!

I’ve been spending more and more time in the sewing room now that it is colder outside. It is just too much fun to go in there and close the door, turn on some tunes and play with fabrics. I finished the quilt pictured above last week, and am really excited to begin finishing another one. I’m still trying to decide if I will sell the quilt or keep it? It is so challenging to part with things like this because they mean so much to me. So perhaps the couch needs another blanket to brighten things up.

I’ve been playing and experimenting with doll making a bit and am finding the process to be very creative. I had it in mind to make some quirky dolls based on paranormal topics or punk styling so I’ve been gathering up materials and just trying things out. It is a lot of fun because it’s something I have never really done before, I get to think outside the box at every step. I’m not working with patterns but making everything up as I go along, a trial and error process that means not everything goes according to plan. It does leave a lot of room for unexpected surprises and it is so fun to use my creativity in new ways.

I hope your fall is going great! I hope your projects are leading to a lot of fun and that inspiration finds you working!