Loving Vintage Comics!

I have been interested in making comics for a long time, but have only dabbled in it a very little bit. Lately I have begun drawing vintage comics based on images that I find online! My drawing skills have come so far, but the thing is that I have not been practicing near enough. So creating drawings based on vintage comics is giving me a chance to practice and learn from the pros at the same time!

I love vintage comic styling so much! Every time I make super stylized art it makes me thrilled when I see the results! So far the comic drawings come together pretty quickly. I draw them straight up with a marker, which on the one hand makes it so any mistake is left staring at me on the page. I don’t like to erase, ever! Marker line is wider than drawing with a pencil or pen, but somehow the chunky lines really work for me. If I totally botch a work I simply use faber-castell gelatos and go over the marker until the work looks more cohesive. Then I add details with watercolor or acrylics.

Here are the images I have worked from so far…

I found all of these in a simple google search! The images do not belong to me, and I’m hesitant to share them on the blog. But I want to show you my starting point.

The way I’m creating these drawings is by using these photos and ones like it as a reference. The works wind up being a mixture of my own style combined with the guidance of the master comic artists that produced the original works. I draw them with marker and then either paint or add a simplified palette of elements. In my latest work I’m discovering how much fun it is to ad lib my own text to make my own statement.

Here are the four I have done so far…

The first image was done only in marker. It was a ten minute sketch but I absolutely love it! The second work was done with marker and I added text with a stencil. I decided not to paint it because the simplicity really shows off the intricacy in the drawing. The third work, which is somehow related to my first kiss, was drawn with green marker. I have Holbein acrylics that a friend gave me a while back in primary colors, so I went with that for a pop art look. The fourth painting was initially done in marker but I botched some of the facial features. So I brought in some white faber-castell gelato to smooth out the surface and then painted the details in black watercolor.

Each work is unique but they go together as a whole. I love to draw people in a sort of fictional style! As a home body I’m fairly anti social so much of my experiences with people anymore are in my imagination. When I see people out and about I love to ponder where they are going, what they love to do, what might be important to them. In that way I form a fictionalized narrative about the people I come across, so I love my portraits to take on that style.

I hope this post gets you thinking about finding inspiration in fresh places! Stepped out art can be as simple as honoring the past. There are so many masters and I bet you can find work in a genre you resonate with, to pick up pieces and infuse your own art with a style you love.