Creating a Meditative Art Journal

Red Fox Journal Page by Kathryn Sturges

Red Fox Journal Page by Kathryn Sturges

I've been trying out a lot of new ideas lately!  If you have been following the blog at all, then you may have seen it go through a metamorphosis only to go full circle back to the original blog.  I do a lot of spiritual and personal growth activities and I wanted to see what it would be like to focus my blog on those things.  I totally hated that direction...because I am no guru and all I really want to do is make things!

Today I started a new quilt by pulling together some patchwork pieces I already had completed.  It is a kid's quilt and I think it is totally adorable!  I've also been playing in my art journal a ton and have kind of happened upon a way of journaling that is very relaxing and suits my needs just right. 


So here are a few ideas for starting your own meditative art journal...

1.  Get a mixed media book and have your supplies ready to go.  I've reorganized my desk so that all my favorite art supplies are handy and within reach.  My supplies include a small assortment of craft paints, a cool watercolor tin, foam brushes and water brushes, goauche in tubes...(which I rarely use), collage pauge for gluing and drawing utensils like markers, Bic pens and charcoal pencils.

2.  Come to your journal each day with a blank slate.  I am loving just approaching each journal entry as a stand alone piece, instead of trying to work in any one particular style.

3.  Turn on some music and tune inward.  What activity sounds relaxing to you in this moment?  That is what I've been asking myself when I get out my journal.  Some days doing a coloring page suits me just right, so I get out my markers and create a drawing to color in.  Some days I do an introspective journal activity with words and images.  Tonight I did an abstract watercolor, just to push some paint around the page.  Tuning inward is key here.  You will know what feels good for that day once you start to approach your art journal with a sense of wonder.  

4.  Make art for your own self!  In this modern age where everything is shared, sometimes artists get stuck in making things just to show off what they can do.  With meditative journaling there is no right or wrong way to do it which means you might create some imperfect art.  I've been loving just seeing what comes to me each day and instead of striving to create something to show off I'm just making stuff that makes me happy.

5.  Above all let it be fun and relaxing!  It dawned on me today, there are people making a fortune on adult coloring books right now.  When you are an artist and can create anything you want, it is in your total control whether you want to make something that taxes your upper limits of what you can do, or whether you just want to play around and have some fun.  I've been enjoying just playing these days and now my journal habit is becoming something I really look forward to as a way to unwind and let out the stress of the day.

Try some meditative art journaling and ease into the wonder of art as a deeply relaxing soul satisfying hobby.  If you art making has gotten too stressful this might be just the thing to get you enjoying making things again.