The Art of Spontaneous Creation


Spontaneous creativity is the best way to quickly become tuned in to what is going on inside.  When you create in a more spontaneous way imagery and words come from a deeper level, from the subconscious mind.  Here a couple of methods I've been playing with lately.

Spontaneous painting

Grab a paintbrush and some watercolors, and then close your eyes for a moment.  What is the first image that comes to mind?  Paint that image on your paper, then paint the next thing that comes to mind.  This is a form of free association, letting one image lead you to the next.  Continue adding images.  If you choose to work with acrylics or craft paints, you can always layer over images to add other visuals.  These paintings can turn out to be kind of a mess but when you are finished you can stop and look at the imagery.  It is often such a representation of where you are at at this moment.  This is a good way to check in and see how you are feeling and is also great for figuring out problems in your life.  

Spontaneous poetry

Tear out an image from a magazine or book and glue it into your journal on the left hand page.  Then on the right, write a little free form poetry or text.  What does the image make you think of?  This is a great way to dive deep into issues from the past that want to be healed.  I'm often surprised when I do this exercise just what comes to the surface.  

Spontaneous creation is a great way to get current with how you are feeling.  It's also great for processing emotions in a new way.  Check out Shelly Klammer's website for classes on spontaneous creation, I highly recommend her classes and have taken some myself.