The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron

Confession time...I LOVE Julia Cameron!  I am so infused with passion when I read her books, and I have read five of them to date!  About a year after my younger sister passed away my twin and I set of to do "The Vein of Gold" together.  I was feeling rather complacent about the whole thing, even though it was my idea.  Unfortunately I made the experience rotten because it was hard to do things my way when working with my twin.  

I still make art sometimes but just not like before.  I'm the kind of woman who has to feel passion to commit to anything in life, and when that passion goes I move on to try something different.  Lately I've just not been getting the creative ideas I used to get, and for some reason it feels like I've painted all the ideas that were on my mind.  After 10 years, and hundreds of paintings...it is time to stoke the coals for a new fire to burn.

I did a couple of oracle readings on the subject, and the overarching theme was that I cannot go back.  For some reason I look to the past and keep reinventing old worn out versions of myself.  So last weekend I started "The Vein of Gold" again to rediscover my creative heart.  And the process is going really well!  I'm enjoying it so very much.  The activities speak directly to my wounded inner creative.  Sometimes it is easy to internalize messages about the worth of your art, like if it isn't worth money than it isn't worth much at all.  But creativity is my birthright and I will continue to pursue it because it lights me up!  Creative adventures are what make my world go round.  

The book has activities to try that use different aspects of your creativity.  The book takes you through different kingdoms that are in line with the senses, and tap into various aspects of creativity in all the different forms.  There are lots of written exercises too, and the book carries on artist dates and the walking and journaling portions of The Artist Way series.  Julia is such a godsend and torch bearer for creatives, guiding the way back to your creative heart.

I highly recommend any of Julia Cameron's books on creative recovery to artists everywhere.  The books help you tune in to your creative vision and find new ways to get inspired.  Julia Cameron is one of my creative heroines and there is so much wisdom in her books.  I'm not sure where this journey will take me but it's off to a sweet start!