Art and Social Activism


The arts have long been used as a platform for social activism!  It can feel overwhelming sometimes because if you have a strong desire to be a part of social change it can be a challenge to know what you can do to be a part of community transformation.  The Dada art movement during WWII was a way that artists got their point of view out into the world, and today there are a lot of ways to contribute to the mass collective of voices who are shouting out for change.

One musical group that inspires me tremendously is Rising Appalachia!  They use their voice as a way to bring people and communities together to create a more harmonious world.  At their concerts the group gets locals from the community together and they help raise awareness and funds for the areas they play in.  If you show your art, you could do something similar.

So the question becomes, how do you use your art to create social change?  Fortunately today with social media and blogging it is easier than ever to get your art out into the world.  If you don't have a blog but would like to start one, Blogger offers a free platform that is really easy to set up and there is a supportive built in community there.  It's a great way to spark conversations about topics that you really care about.  Create artwork about things that you care about and pose a question or create an article about that topic, and then just wait because people love to get in on those conversations.

Comics have also long been a platform for social activism.  You could create a daily or weekly one page comic relating to community issues.  Then share it on your social media sites and get the word out!  If you sell your art, there are all kinds of ways to raise funds for causes you care about.  Dedicate a certain percentage of your profits to help a non profit and raise awareness.

The book, "The Guerrilla Art Kit" by Keri Smith has a ton of incredible ideas for sharing your message with the community.  The book has tons of ideas for leaving art in the community and creating a platform for social change.  

These are just some ideas to get you started!  Social activism takes commitment, but being a part of changing the world can be true inspiration to make your art be for the greater good.  Be the change you wish to see in the world!