Make a Grown Up Paper Doll!

Chance by Kathryn Sturges

Chance by Kathryn Sturges

I'm still working my way through the book The Vein of Gold, and the exercise was to create a doll that represents who you want to be in life.  I started making a fabric doll and then the project got too complex too quickly, and I am all out of stuffing to finish the thing.  So I decided to simplify the task and make this paper doll.

I love it so much, now I want to make more!  These make cute decor for a desk, shelf or even to give as little gifts to friends.  Mine is all about Chance, because I love it when life surprises me.  The doll reminds me to be open to adventure and allow Chance to work it's way into my life.


fashion magazine

one piece of cardstock

watercolor paper


glue stick

pen, markers, paint or whatever you want to use to embellish the paper doll

Chance by Kathryn Sturges

Chance by Kathryn Sturges

1.  Find an image that speaks to your heart!  Cut it out, being careful to leave extra paper where needed so that the page doesn't tear when you are glueing.

2.  Glue the image onto a piece of cardstock.  I chose to put the cardstock backwards so that the background was white, but you could let the pattern show for a fabulous doll!

3.  Cut out around the doll carefully.  The base needs to be wide enough so that it can stand up straight, so keep that in mind.

4.  Glue that onto a piece of watercolor paper or other heavy paper.  Then cut out around that, and embellish the doll to your heart's content.  I chose to write a little saying on my card about Chance.  Adding text is cool because then you can always remember why the image spoke to you and what it means to you.

5.  With the extra watercolor paper, create a base for the doll.  Cut out a rectangle and make a small slit in the middle.  Then do the same thing on the paper doll.  Put the two together so they form a cross and then level out the bottom of the base so the the doll stands up.


There you have it, a paper doll fit for a grown up!  Warning:  this project is so addictive so you might want to make a bunch and mail them to friends.  


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