Achieving Focus in the Studio

Yin Yang by Kathryn Sturges, mixed media on Ampersand Art Board

Yin Yang by Kathryn Sturges, mixed media on Ampersand Art Board

It's been such a busy day, my body is aching from the sheer focus and fury of a day creating.  I spent the entire day painting, writing, and creating and I feel wholly renewed!  I'm working on a surprise to offer on the blog soon, it is a class on Dreams and I know you will love it!  It will be a free offering so that everyone who is interested can check it out.  I'm really enjoying offering little classes for free.  Everyone charges for their courses, and some of the classes online are way outside my own budget.  That's why I have decided to offer my own classes featured here for free.  Inspiration doesn't always have to come with a price tag, and I figure what goes around comes around.  

One of my art friends, Dana, gave me a bunch of Ampersand art boards for my birthday, so I decided to dabble in some mixed media again.  It's incredible what a change of supplies can do for your inspiration.  I know the above painting is quite simple, and I love the simplicity of the floral shape with the yin yang in the middle.  I created this painting to pay homage to the fact that everyone has good and bad qualities.  Sometimes I'm so hard on myself, but hey...I'm only human!  It helps to keep perspective in life and realize that even people who may bug you the most have good qualities about them as well.  Those imperfections can be a source to bring people together, instead of creating divide. 

I feel so shocked lately at the divided country that America is becoming.  I mean, I think it always has been this way, but something about the last year or two is really bringing out the big guns and everyone is sharing their opinions loud and clear.  I would love to see this country work through its' issues and to see people truly accepting each other from the heart.  I know that peace is not really human nature, but even a smile and a helping hand can spread so much love.

Ok, signing off for this Saturday!  I hope you are enjoying the weekend in whatever way feels good to you!