Ten Ideas to Jump Start Creativity!

"Educate" by Kathryn Sturges

"Educate" by Kathryn Sturges

When I first moved to Des Moines five years ago, I just couldn't seem to pick up my paints.  I went for an entire year and barely filled two watercolor pads!  I was sewing some at the time, but much of the time I was either blogging about how shitty my life was going or stewing about how much I hated apartment living.  Basically I was in a negative space, I had just moved from a small town surrounded by corn fields that had tons of nature to the urban jungle where nature was in short supply.  The adjustment period was tough! 

If you find yourself going through a creative lull, have no fear!  Here's a list of ideas to jump start your own creative experiments to get you playing with paints once more!

1.  Grab three acrylic paint tubes in the primary colors and just start to play!  Simplifying to red, yellow and blue can totally reinvigorate your creative practice.

2.  Try to make a work only with straight lines.  

3.  Decoupage an object in your home with those free newspapers you throw away every week.

4.  Create a photo series with things you collect.  Then share the photos on social media!

5.  Make something with an old item of clothing.  Weave, sew, embroider, or otherwise play with some old fabric.

6.  Take a class, or get a new book to fill your creative well.

7.  Make environmental art!  Go outside and grab some natural items, then arrange them in a creative way and document with your camera.

8.  Try some papier mache!  Get a bowl, wrap it with plastic wrap.  Then use it to sculpt a bowl with thin strips of magazine and mod podge.  Paint the bowl once dry.

9.  Play with your food!  Make a work of art with things from the fridge.  Use wire or toothpicks to connect items.

10.  Do a series of photos that play with light and shadow.

There has never been a better time than now to tap into your creativity!  Go forth and get crafty!


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