Make an Intuitive Painting


Really, with intuitive painting there is no one right way!  I see people teaching intuitive painting, and while some enjoy a set of practices and rituals to go through each time they show up at the canvas I am not one of those. 

With intuitive painting anything goes!  It does take courage and a willingness to make mistakes, but what you create will be much more soulful than anything could be that is planned out.  Here are the steps I took to make this intuitive painting, but it is just one approach.  Try my way but realize that my way is always changing, transitory each time I show up at the canvas.  The minute I think I have a method for creating art, like shifting sands flowing through my fingers I suddenly realize that methods and rules are too limiting for creative practice. 

I made this painting in a few soulful steps.

1.  I started with an abstract background.  First I painted a rough yellow rectangle in acrylic paint with freeform edges, not perfectly straight.

2.  Then I framed the edges with red and let my brush dance across the canvas board, creating an abstract background.

3.  Once everything was dry I used a marker to draw in the figures.  I painted them in with white craft paint.

4.  Then I put out a dab of blue and set my creative spirit free!  I painted the word peace, and added some abstract trees to create a sort of landscape.  Then I added a cloud and some large raindrops.  I wanted some substance, something grounding in the lower right corner so I added a blue rectangle there.  

5.  Finally I added the text and other details in white.  With intuitive painting, one step just leads to the next.  As you add one thing you may feel totally unsure of what to paint next.  Let the painting sit until you know instinctively what you would like to add.  Sometimes the paintings just flow out onto the canvas, other times they are built up in small bursts of creative activity.

Try your hand at an intuitive painting!  Intuitive art is great for beginners and seasoned artists alike!  Intuitive art is so great because anything is possible.  Let your paintbrush do the walking.

TutorialsKathryn Sturges