Dame Vivienne Westwood: A Fashion Designer Ahead of her Time

Sid Vicious by Kathryn Sturges

Sid Vicious by Kathryn Sturges

Vivienne Westwood began adding zips and skulls to clothing back in 1971, and even broke the law by designing t shirts that broke the obscenity laws! She styled the Sex Pistols and her career took off. Since then she has made her mark over and over again in the world of fashion. Well known for her pirate collection and costume style runway looks…Vivienne Westwood stays current today with androgynous looks and an edgy sensibility.

Fashion and art are so intertwined! The two have a sort of conversation going at any certain point in history. You can tell what is acceptable and sought after in the art world often by what fashion is fresh and on trend. Lately there are a lot of painterly styles that are making their way to fabrics. Pop culture infuses current social trends with what is going on in the subculture to produce a sort of modern aesthetic that is informed by the past. It takes courage to “wear your heart on your sleeve”, and I love that the things you wear can tell the world something about who you are deep inside. I love the edgy styles making their way to mainstream clothing. Even H&M and Torrid have clothing that represent a ready wear version of some of Dame Westwood’s aesthetic.

Dame Vivienne Westwood is inspiring me to take chances with what I wear. Combining different elements from my wardrobe in new ways feels like a challenge. I’ve been trying to buy less and work with what I have more! I’ve been known to sew patches all over dresses, I’ve drawn on a pair of sneakers, I’ve altered and edited clothes that get stained or do not fit. Vivienne Westwood inspires me to go bold with fashion and to go bold with my art! She has reinvented herself over and over again but never holds back. On the cutting edge of the fashion industry, she is not afraid to be ahead of her time.

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