Crushing it! Esther Pearl Watson


Esther Pearl Watson is my latest creative hero! Born in Germany and living in Los Angeles, Miss Watson is blowing up everything I thought I knew about art. She creates paintings that tell a story, with simple characters that build up to intricate scenes depicting flying saucers. Her father was obsessed with UFO’s and built life size replicas when she was growing up. Esther also has a series of Gummy Bears where she super imposed images of gummy bears flying in the sky, as if they were taking over the planet with their squishy cuteness.

My favorite of all her works though is her series of comics. The comics feature Tammy Pierce, a white trash girl in a modern world. The comics show her hanging out with friends and having all sorts of wild adventures. She discovered a diary on one of her travels when she stopped in the women’s restroom of a gas station. Tammy Pierce is based on the diary, which is just a genius score. Seeing her comic art in Bust magazine is what gave me the nudge to finally begin creating comics after years of pent up desire.

Esther teaches at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design and still has plenty of time to show her works all over the world. She has been published in a ton of magazines, even Juxtapoz! The thing about women is that they can inspire with a smile and a wink…slowly captivating the world with their brilliance and achieving a sort of domination in people’s hearts. I’m head over heels for Esther’s works!

Here is a link where you can see her portfolio. Esher Pearl Watson, a comic artist hellbent on taking over the world!

Crushing It!Kathryn Sturges