Why Comics Are My New Thing


I’ve been making art for a really long time now, and I’ve tried just about everything under the sun. I took a comic making class a few years ago which was a lot of fun! Then I wrote a bunch of short stories…which were not my best work. (Note to self…don’t share first drafts with absolute strangers hellbent on making you feel like a loser!) I’ve dabbled in acrylic painting, watercolor and all kinds of mixed media.

Comics for me are like the holy grail! When I was in high school I bought this stupid little poster of Garfield with a little devil on his shoulder, and I thought it was so funny that I drew something that looked similar only chicken scratch with a little angel on his shoulder and then displayed it next to the other poster in my room. It gave me a chuckle every time I looked at it…all through some very awkward years. When I was growing up my parents got the Sunday paper and every weekend I would grab the comics section and read my favorites. It was like a ritual to me. I never thought it was very important, just something I loved. But now that I am learning to draw I really want to make some comics of my own!

The above comic is the second one in a new series, and I don’t know if it will go anywhere. It is so challenging to gauge whether or not they are any good, when I share on Instagram my work seems to just get lost in the crowd. It would be so fun to get some solid feedback but have yet to find a website with the right mix of good art and good people to share feedback. So I am just going to keep plugging away, and hopefully I will develop my own style in time.

It can be scary to put your work online when it feels like a newborn baby, sometimes getting feedback too early can totally derail my best intentions. It is exhilarating to be trying something new, I’m totally up to the challenge! And all fears aside I just make art for fun anyway, it’s just a passion project that I cannot seem to put down regardless of worldly success or lack thereof. Here’s to a new day for my art!