Bats are SOOO Cool!


Vicki Vale isn’t the only woman who thinks bats are cool! I worked on this comic for about seven hours today and now I ALSO love bats! This comic is based on a mashup of experiences my husband and I had early on in our relationship. We rented our first house together and it had bats, and then we bought our first home and it also had bats. Fortunately I had a neighbor who was very into monarch butterflies, and she started catching the bats and releasing them outdoors.

I made this comic in a new way. My art is changing very fast and I’m kind of stuck with one hand in the traditional art style and the other going off in the digital realm. Yesterday my husband signed me up for a monthly membership to Photoshop, so I’ve hit the ground running! Yesterday I worked on just learning how to ink a comic. Then today I developed this comic as a sketch first and then drew it in black marker on my paper. I scanned the work and then inked it in and added text in Photoshop.

For many years I was totally against digital art but I’m starting to see why people love working digitally. I used to think that it was not real art unless you used actual paints and pens…unless you did things the old fashioned way. I’m starting to see how addictive Photoshop is! The professional comic artists mainly use digital methods for adding color to their work. It just gives the art a crisp look that you just cannot get doing it by hand. Filling in color with markers is simple but it can also be tedious. My set of Prismacolor markers have almost completely dried up and they would be hundreds of dollars to replace. So inking digitally just makes sense for me at the moment!

I will continue to add handmade elements into my work because that is what I love the best, but the more I learn about digital art it will definitely impact the work I produce from here. I believe in working with my hands, in creating something messy with paints and markers. There is something natural, imperfect and totally lovable about watercolor and acrylics. So I will find a happy medium eventually…one where I can combine the best of both worlds.

Art ProcessKathryn Sturges