Winter Passions


Winter is slowly drifting along the plains like a rush of cool air. Standing outside in the chill I feel at once alive, like anything is possible! This winter I’ve been making a lot of comics. And I keep having this desire to make felt plush things. The above pillow was my project for yesterday…I made it for my husband as a little surprise. It took me a few hours to get it all put together. I could make cute plush things forever! But today I found myself back at the desk, drawing comics like they are going out of style.


It’s challenging to try new things, especially when you aren’t sure if people will like what you are doing. I made a comic today…and yes it was a little bit edgy! It wasn’t very well received on Instagram, so I decided to make another comic too. You cannot give up on your dreams when you are just starting something new! Even though the comics are not as well loved as my old art I’m not going to stop now. I love making them so much which is what matters the most to me! I’m the kind of woman whose entire life is built around passion! I do what I love and my husband has given me all this free time to follow my heart. So I am learning as I go and loving every minute of making comics…even if nobody else gets my sense of humor!


I’ve also been getting back into spiritual things! At the New Year I decided to explore Christianity a bit, but was pretty much turned off. I used to be Christian when I was young but now that I’m older and have a more open mind it is hard to accept a lot of the Christian teachings. I’ve decided that I love spirituality and Buddhism so much more. Buddhism totally saved my life when I was at my lowest point and I have a new found appreciation for the message of peace in the Buddhist tradition. The Bible is so filled with violence and putting women in their place, and hate against homosexuality. On the one hand it claims to be a religion of love…love your neighbor and all that…but it is such a judgmental religion. So back to spiritual things I go! I made a moon board last night, with some of my current ideals and goals on it. A moon board is basically a collage that you pull together as a sort of wish on the night of the full moon. I’ve also been meditating a lot again and did a card reading last night. God, it feels great to be back to my true spirituality.

I hope winter is going great for you! And that you are following your passions in life, no matter where they take you!