My First Trip to the Comic Shop!

My first comics!

My first comics!

Jason and I went to Mayhem yesterday, and OH MY GOD! It was incredible! When we pulled into the parking lot a guy was walking to his car with a bag full of comics and a huge grin on his face. I was wondering why he was smiling, but when I went into Mayhem I suddenly understood. Row upon row of games and comics and graphic novels…OH MY! We started at the individual comic stash and I was looking for a couple that were my style. I found PEARL and The Girl in the Bay, they both looked interesting enough. Then Jason found a giant comic called Injection, with all black and white artwork. He also found a graphic novel by Tony Sandoval called Watersnakes. The art in all of the comics was so top notch! I was just blown away by all the creative energy surrounding me. Each story, every individual panel carefully drawn and inked, page after page of pure inspiration.

When I got home I read “The Girl in the Bay” first. And I LOVE IT! It’s a doppelganger/time travel tale that was full of action and intrigue. Now I want to go back and get the rest of the series. Next I read “Injection” and it was just kind of MEH to me. I could tell it was more geared toward men and the art was good but just didn’t pull me in. “Watersnakes” was truly incredible, and it changed the way I view graphic novels. The art was just so stunning and the story line was so unique. I am saving PEARL to read another day…just to give me something to look forward to.

Comics are incredible, and there are so many great comic artists out there! I do not know if I will ever be able to draw as well as those masters do, but I certainly am glad to be able to admire the work of these greats!

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