Comic Styles and Flavors

I’ve been making a comic a day this week, yesterday I actually did two comic style works! Exploring comics is really lighting my fire right now. All my time is being spent either thinking of ideas or drawing, or reading about how to make comics.

When I set out to make comics I never realized just how many different styles of comics there are out there! I’m really into Instagram so I’ve been following a ton of comic artists there. A lot of webcomic artists make funny comics, but I’ve seen a lot that are just plain cute while others are more about romance. The thing with comics is they can be about whatever you want! Initially I kind of thought that comics had to be funny, so I made a few that were sort of humorous…at least to me. Here is one I made the other night.


This comic was based on an experience I had in college. I was looking for my boyfriend and when I stopped by this young woman’s house to see if she knew where he was she invited me to join a huddle! I said no and left, but I will never forget the visual of all those people in a big huddle. They were talking about how important it is to get human contact and all this shit. The whole scene made me really uncomfortable, so I made this comic to make fun of the memory.

The thing is comics don’t always have to be funny! Sure, cartoons are funny but there are a ton of more serious comics out there! I’ve seen some about mental health and awkward situations, so I made this comic last night. I sketched it out in all different ways to get everything just right. Then I drew it up and the meaning of the comic kept changing until the last minute. This comic is a bit more serious. Once I had it drawn up I could spot all these mistakes! I never learned how to draw things in the proper perspective, but I’m working on it soon. The comic is about a time when I went bar hopping with my husband and sister, and when we walked in the bar cleared out. I tend to do comics based loosely on my own memories or experiences I’ve had.


Today I had a moment of epiphany! Comics don’t have to be funny, they can be serious or heartfelt or cute…or whatever you want to say it can be said in comic form. I decided that I would try a comic in watercolor, and I’m so happy with how this one turned out! It is more true to my typical watercolor style and it expresses how much I love winter.


This one is more like what I would love to be doing! So I’m going to try more in my more traditional watercolor sketchy style soon. Comics are helping me to find my voice, and it’s so funny because once you give yourself a platform to say anything it starts to make you wonder what you actually DO want to express. I love comic art so much, because for one I’ve loved adding text to works for a very long time. This style of art is definitely for me. I have a long road ahead to get to a point of mastery, but I’m just playing around and loving each step of the way.

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