Meet Heather Shafer: Life Guru

Happiest Girl Alive by Kathryn Sturges

Happiest Girl Alive by Kathryn Sturges

Living Inspired, Creative and Empowered!

About seven years ago I was browsing the internet, looking for inspirational websites to dig into. I was at the start of my personal growth journey and really needed to find some answers. I discovered To Live Inspired on a list of top 100 inspirational websites. The blog was near the top of the list, so I clicked and instantly loved the content there. Heather blogs about journal prompts that help you steer your life in the right direction. And she teaches ways to notice the beauty in your life, and ways to connect with your authentic self.

After about a year of following her website and doing the prompts, I reached out to her to see if we could work together as coach and student. I had SO much to learn about life because I had gotten thrown off track and could not figure out how to come back to a place of wholeness. So we began working together and she slowly helped me tune inward. Heather guided me to learn to trust myself and helped me to find my voice again after years of silence. Then when I moved to Des Moines five years ago, she was there every step of the way through my transition to a new place and really a new life. It was not without much kicking and screaming…I had a lot of growing pains along the way and honestly sometimes I was a major pain in the ass! But Heather stood by me and working with her healed my spirit on so many levels. I continue to turn to her when I need to hash out ways to live my best life.

Heather is a published author, a mentor, a guide and a friend! She works tirelessly offering encouragement and provides a safe place for people to heal and grow. She is a nurturing counselor and has become my trusted friend. I have learned how to live with intention, how to set goals that make sense for my life and that fit my own value system, and basically learned how to be a more compassionate human being.

It is such an honor to share a link to her website! She has limited spots available for coaching and is also running a new ecourse that begins in March. Click on this link to check out her website! TO LIVE INSPIRED

Heather Shafer is one of those women you do not come across very often! She is whole hearted through and through, and I have been so fortunate to be a witness to her guidance over the years. Heather is truly more than a life coach: she is a life guru who helps you discern your own wisdom and helps you to reach for the stars.

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