Meg Quinn: Ahead of Her Time!

Heartbreak by Kathryn Sturges

Heartbreak by Kathryn Sturges

I recently discovered Meg Quinn on Instagram, and I totally LOVE her comic style! (I do not have permission to share her art, so you will have to trust me and check it out for yourself!) Her comics are so adorable and focus on a couple who have huge personalities. I love her style so much because she over exaggerates which is something I’m only recently trying to accomplish with my art style. Meg’s comics always make me smile, they are really lighthearted and just fun! Some comic artists have a really dark sense of humor, but I prefer the lighter comics because they just make me happy…Meg’s comics totally fit the bill!

Meg is only 23 and her art is light years ahead of her time! Hailing from Oregon, Meg has always been interested in drawing and the arts. I’ve been noticing a trend that there are a lot of really grounded millennials who seem to know exactly what they want to put out into the world at such a young age. I think the future will be really bright with millennials at the helm! Meg has been creating art her whole life but she started at the beginning like everyone else. When she first started sharing her art online initially she had few followers, but has grown her instagram to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans! She went to University and got a Bachelor’s in graphic arts and is now using that degree to the fullest.

She creates her art with a Wacom tablet and it is all digital. Her drawing style is so spot on, and the characters are so expressive, just one look at the huge smiles and quirky gestural details set her comics apart. One thing about comic art is you need to be able to show the character’s mood by their facial expression…which might sound easy but it is actually quite the challenge. Meg passes that test with flying colors! Her characters show the full range of emotion with a bold colorful snark that is hellbent on showering the viewer with cuteness and pizazz. Above all else, Meg Quinn’s comic art always brightens my day! I totally love her comic art; quirky and whimsical and full of heart.

Check out Meg’s Instagram by clicking this link…Meg Quinn on Instagram