My latest Girl Crush: Effy Wild!

One of my paintings from Effy’s class, Ordinary Beauty

One of my paintings from Effy’s class, Ordinary Beauty

What can I say, Effy Wild just stands out as a true creative visionary! Effy is one of my creative heroines because she fearlessly shares the story of her life with so much truth that sometimes it hurts! Some creative teachers tend to only share the shiny happy bits of their lives and sometimes it can be nauseating because it just seems to be so phony sometimes. Effy busts through that and mines her life for the gold which includes shadow and light elements. Those elements dash across her mixed media spreads and into the hearts of her flock of followers. She lights the way for women who are hurting and lets you know that surely you were never alone on the journey in the first place.

I discovered Effy’s art classes last year and have taken a few so far. She also has a thriving facebook group where everyone is encouraged to speak from the heart and bare their souls. Her classes remind me of art making with a friend, and Effy is the best guide to learn some new techniques in an approachable and fun way that is full of spirit. She learned from some of the masters of women’s art today and I really appreciate her well rounded education. Having studied with the likes of Shiloh Sophia, Flora Bowley, and Tamara LaPorte…Effy discovered her very own style that she has been teaching for a few years. With classes based around favorite music, magic and moonshine, Rumi’s ecstatic poetry and more…there is something for every spirit based artist to be inspired to roll up her sleeves and get to art making.

You can find Effy on Patreon and she has a fabulous web space too! Here is a link to her website so you can see what all the fuss is about! Effy Wild’s Web Portal

Effy Wild is a soulful Canadian with so much wisdom to share! When you enter her webspace you can come as you are and be nourished for your own spiritual journey.