Ugh! I'm out of paper!

One thing artists dread is running out of materials. Right now I’m out of paper and glue, so I can’t make comics or collage in my journal…pure struggle! So this weekend I’m going to do all those things I don’t normally make time for…like declutter and deep clean my home. Spring is almost here, so it is the perfect time to dust everything and get some fresh air in the house!

I find myself rethinking my comics a bit, because now that I’ve taken a pause I’m not quite happy with the direction they are going in. So I will be spending some much needed time brainstorming over the weekend to figure out what is next. Part of me wants to just jump ship and go abstract for a while, but I love comics so much that I’m determined to figure out a way forward. It’s hard to come up with a general theme for my comic art…that’s what I’ve been struggling with the most. So far I’ve done some work about experiences from my past, and have also explored the spectrum of human emotion through other comic art. I really want to do something reverent and uplifting, something that inspires me and gives me encouragement. Comics, like all art, can really be anything you want them to be. Storytelling with art is somewhat new to me so it’s time to dig deep and figure out what stories I want to tell.

Here is the comic I made with my last piece of paper! It’s about an open mic night, one of my first a long time ago. Keeping it real is good medicine! And I’m so ready to turn a page and dig into what’s next.

Open Mic Night by Kathryn Sturges

Open Mic Night by Kathryn Sturges

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