Setting Up an Art Space that Works

It has taken me many years to finally get a functional art table to work at. When I first started out I painted in a corner of the kitchen, on top of a portable dishwasher that no longer worked. Since then I have gone through lots of phases…painting and drawing on the couch or standing up at a homemade wood buffet table. I do have a room of my own that is dedicated to sewing and crafting, but I love to make art in the living room so that I can hang out with my husband when he is home.

It took me a long time to figure out my most necessary art supplies, and how to store them for ease of use and functionality. When we moved into this place four and a half years ago, initially I tried to get some pretty storage boxes. But now those mainly hold supplies I don’t use and they are up in the sewing room. I went through a “pretty” phase where I tried to make my desk look just right…mainly because I wasn’t that inspired and I was trying to entice myself to make art. Lately I’m so inspired to create that I just want to be able to grab my markers or paints and get to it. Right now I’m working on a desk from IKEA, and I have an ergonomic chair that is adjustable. They were cast offs from one of my husband’s old jobs, and I’m so grateful to be able to work at this desk!


My art table has become a workhorse, and I can easily grab the supplies I need. I set things up fairly utilitarian style. I’m not that into decorating, except with things that I have made. So I just use an empty cardboard box for acrylic paints, markers, cardboard and hardboard canvases and my pencils. My markers are stored in a shoe box, and I just put my watercolor pans on top when they aren’t in use. My husband bought a cheap camera bag a few years ago but then quickly bought a nicer bag, so I use the cheap camera bag to hold extra supplies that I want nearby but that don’t get used right away. I love to keep my favorite perfumes close by, because it’s nice to involve my senses when I create.


I have a basic Canon printer that I use to scan in my comics. It is perpetually out of ink, but the scanner is a great asset! My desk is typically just covered with books and stacks of magazines, it is the one place in the house that is almost always a mess. Somehow the mess comforts me though, and honestly I just shove things aside and get to work! (LOL!)

To set up your own art space, focus on having those items close by that you use for most works. And when you get creative with the storage it can be affordable as well as functional to have a place for everything in your work area.

I LOVE my art table, and lately I’m sitting here most of the time. I have so much passion for my arts right now, making the comics is truly filling me with so much joy!