Spice up Your Equinox!


It’s Spring Equinox today in the Northern Hemisphere, and magic is in the air! It is also a Super Full Moon today, so why not spice up your equinox with some juicy fun!

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Bring paints and a canvas to a park nearby and do some plein air painting

Take photos of foliage in your yard and create a digital collage

Paint some clay pots and start an indoor herb garden

Upcycle an old floral dress or top into a fresh handbag for Spring

Turn on your favorite tunes and do a witchy dance

Make a floral collage with magazine pages and frame it

Get some body paints and paint your significant other

Sew a bunny ear headband with felt and wear it around town

Go to a park and draw by the campfire…if the drawings don’t turn out burn them

Make a vision board about what you want to bring into your life this Spring

I may or may not try the ideas on this list, but if any of these ideas inspire you I would love to hear about your adventures! Happy Spring Equinox everyone!