Your Creativity Matters!


“Creativity is essential to belonging because it serves as a way for us to recognize eachother. We listen for that pulse of originality coming through us, giving it the unique form that comes from our particular encounter with it. And as we make beauty from our origins, we find networks of people just like us, adding their voice to a thing we’re all trying to make real.” -Toko-Pa Turner

In Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home, chapter Nine is so incredible! In it, the author talks about how creativity is our voice, and that all of our differences are needed to survive. Originality needs many people with different viewpoints to express the totality of its message. It is as if we are all a choir, adding our own creative note to the grand song of life.

For a really long time I grappled with why my creativity matters. In contemporary society, a lot of emphasis is placed on money and doing things for monetary gain. So often times artists may feel as if their creativity does not matter much if it doesn’t bring in an income. It is sad to think that way, and believe me those thoughts have sat on my shoulder before…making me wonder why continue to create? Another metric today is how many likes a painting gets, or how many follows or tweets or what have you. These are false ways to judge creativity…because the act of creation is not something saved for the limited few who are the most popular or who can peddle their wares for the most money.

The truth is that our creativity matters so much! It is in those small acts of creativity that we can create a portrait of our life experience over time. I don’t know about you but I love meeting people and then discovering that they have a creative talent of some kind. In that moment we have shared kinship…this intrinsic desire to make beauty from our lives. In this way, we band together, one voice is like a drop into the ocean of creativity…but the ocean would not exist without all those droplets.

In essence, giving your voice a creative outlet is a way to shine your own originality bright! And in the pure truthfulness of the creative act, suddenly you connect with others in a visceral way that goes beyond trite artificialities.

So whether you paint, or write poetry, or dance, or sing…know that your creative vision does matter! And sharing it in ways that are true to you is just the icing on the cupcake. In that way you can become part of this tribe of creatives, and add your voice to the song of life.