Seasons Change


Creativity has seasons, and as much as I want to be in perpetual summer it just doesn’t work that way. Just like the seasons of the year, creativity shifts and changes like the ebb and flow of the tide. One minute you might be plugging away making a series and the next minute that series suddenly feels done. Or perhaps something happens in your life that makes you look at your art in a totally different way. With the creative seasons, they can happen out of order and cycle quicker or slower than the seasons of the year. But you can be sure that they will appear in your creative practice, so it’s good to just expect that things will go through cycles of change.

I would describe the spring season as a time of budding new beginnings. Learning new skills, gathering ideas, planning upcoming projects and dreaming up new directions all fall in to this season. At least for me, it is spring outside in the Midwest and I find myself wanting to stretch in new directions and learn some new things. I’ve dabbled a little in abstraction lately and also been taking some classes. Plus I’ve been working on a quilt and planning out how to finish the quilts I already have started. Gathering up materials, dusting off old classes and books, and playing around with fresh concepts and techniques.

The summer season of creativity is when you are so inspired you just have to make something. You will feel in the flow and works will just almost create themselves during that time. Series will just fall in the place, inspiration will feel all around you. Art becomes easy during the summer season because you are so inspired that it is like you become the mouthpiece of the divine, breathing life into projects that seem to come from above.

Fall season is when inspiration starts to wane. Perhaps you sell your work at that time or wrap up projects that are left undone. Tying up lose ends from the summer season, fall is all about taking stock of what you have created up until now and seeing the bigger picture of your creative life. It’s also a great time to get organized in your creative space and gather up materials and inspiration to inspire you for when you are ready to be more creative.

And winter is more about taking a break. Creatively winter can feel like a small death because nothing you did before sounds fun, or you want to try something new but you don’t know what that is yet. Or perhaps life takes over and obligations and practical responsibilities take center stage. It is important during the winter season to keep a journal and write out what is on your heart. Give yourself the time and space to reflect and take a pause from the flurry of activity for a bit. Because spring is right around the corner!