Intention Setting for Your Creative Life

Delirium by Kathryn Sturges

Delirium by Kathryn Sturges

Have you heard the latest intentional living innovation: that every day must begin with an intention? My intention for most days is basically the same…to make fun art and enjoy my life already! But did you know that you can also set intentions for your creative life? It can be fun to ponder what you intend to do with a creative series before you start to be sure you are hitting your goals.

Setting intentions for your art can be so liberating! Creativity is often so wide open, because you can do anything with those art supplies. Setting intentions can help you focus in on what you are actually trying to achieve and can help build a solid body of work that represents what you are truly trying to say with your art.

Here are some questions to ponder to help you set some fresh intentions! Intentional creativity can set you on a path to success! Try jotting down a few words based on each question and pave the way to a great new phase of your creative journey.

What is the purpose of your latest art series? Are you making things to sell, for self expression, or to give as a gift? Getting clear on the why behind your art can totally steer your ship in the right direction.

How do you want your art making to feel? Are you trying to get more serious about a certain aspect of your creative life? Or are you just setting out to have some fun? Figuring out how you want to feel when you create can guide you in the right direction because you will begin to gravitate to those creative hobbies that totally are in alignment with that intention.

What do you want the viewer to experience when viewing your latest series? Do you want to make them laugh, or think, or to bring comfort? Do you want to leave the meaning open for the viewer to decide? Pondering this question can help you know what to include in the series and what to leave out.

Are there any new skills you would like to work into your new series? Is there anything that has felt interesting to you that you have yet to try? Or are there certain skillsets that you would like to improve through practice? Include those skills in your intention and they can help you create a cohesive series.

These questions are just the start! Figuring out what is important and what motivates any creative series can help you focus your skillset to achieve the right results you are aiming for. Try setting an intention before your next creative series and you will be on the right track every step of the way.