Creative Style Like Fingerprints


It is almost folly because I see so many great artists who learn from these well known teachers, and they just copy some sort of formula over and over to make works that look just like the teacher. The thing is, when I see their work it is a sort of disservice…because I am reminded more of the teacher than the artist herself. So I challenge any beginner to grow their creative wings as soon as they feel ready. There is a way to take a class or do the thing with your own creative voice.

I’ve seen some teachers themselves who sort of pigeon hole themselves into a corner, making the same kind of painting over and over again. There is one such teacher who is very well renowned, but it is as if she has kind of lost touch with the truth of her work. How many paintings of abstract birds can one woman do before it begins to feel sort of already done before? I feel bad for teachers like that because they earn a great living by sticking to a set style. I often wonder if they lose their voice in the process?

Lately I’ve been pondering my creative style, because if you have seen any of my work you can tell that I do all different kinds of art! I always sort of figured that my style would show through whether I made something deep or funny or whatever it may be. I love creating portraits, but make them in all different styles. So lately I’ve been kind of wondering if I should be worried at all about fine tuning my voice, so that when you see one of my works you can tell right away that I created it. My sister and I spoke about this topic, and she said that most artists just sort of fall into their own style naturally over time. But I feel that there is more choice in the matter. Because when someone makes art to sell or to teach by, suddenly creating something recognizable to what they have done before or to what sells becomes an important thing.

Creative style is like fingerprints, and you alone have it within you to create your unique work that is all you. Set your creative visions free and do not fear whether or not you have a set style. Because over time you will grow a portfolio that will show glimpses of the maker, each one a portrait of who you were when you created that thing.