Zen Quilting


So I rarely blog about my sewing…I’m not even entirely sure why! I guess I feel like sewing is kind of going out of fashion and may not be as relatable as visual art might be. But I’m having so much fun working on this quilt, I just had to bring some quilty love to my blog.

This quilt was originally going to be based on a pattern called Zen, but actually creating the Zen quilt didn’t feel very Zen at all. In fact it was quite the opposite, methodically making patchwork pieces to sew into a standard quilt design. I just wasn’t enjoying the process and in quilting it is all about the feeling I get when I’m working. I love to design more as I go because it brings me more into the present moment. That’s one of the main reasons I love improvisational quilting so much!

So I finally got the main portion of this quilt done today. Now it just needs a border, which will really bring the quilt to life. The above photo was taken about a month ago, and I cannot wait to share the finished quilt with you!

Like all aspects of life, Dharma can be applied whether you are sewing or art making or doing any sort of mundane thing. It’s all a matter of tuning into that precious moment that you are in, and accepting it as it is with grace and love.

SewingKathryn Sturges