Crushing It! Jenny Heston


So everyone gets droves of email in their inbox…am I right? It seems I am always signing up for a free summit or class and then in comes the email from the site. A lot of it becomes clutter to my mind and I cannot for the life of me remember why I signed up in the first place. But Jenny Heston’s emails always bring a smile to my face!

I discovered Jenny’s work through a facebook group I’m a part of, where people share their blog posts. It is a group where women support other women with their online journey. Formerly the SARK group, many of the women are writers or take to writing blogs as a way to advertise their services. So one day I clicked on Jenny Heston’s link and it spoke right to those deepest parts of my spirit.

Jenny’s missives focus on making meaning and magic with the mundane of life. She talks about the lunar cycle, astrology, the meaning of crystals. She also offers a weekly oracle reading, and you can purchase readings from her website. I was blown away to see that she has a fairly decent following on Instagram.

I read my own oracle cards, but I’m just getting SO much inspiration from her website. For a while I felt cut off from my spirituality. I used to be very woo woo, and then I had a friend who was more woo than I could ever be. Jenny’s blog reminds me that everything can have meaning, even the bees buzzing in the garden can speak volumes! And I really love her posts on astrology because they give you a heads up for where the energy might be flowing around the bend. Jenny’s writing style is so comforting and she is a guide who takes you by the hand, leading you along your spiritual journey.

If you are into magic, oracle cards, astrology and lunar cycles you have to check out Jenny Heston’s blog! Here is a link to take you there! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.