Letting Go When You Get Stuck


Letting Go When You Get Stuck

Sometimes life throws struggles your way, which can totally derail life as you once knew it.  It might seem like I talk a lot about struggle, but the fact is everyone has times in life where the path they were once on suddenly feels like it no longer fits. 

You can be going along, doing the things you love until suddenly everything changes.  Life is very beautiful and also offers a lot of twists and turns.  Suffering is a part of life, but understanding how to navigate hard times in life can actually leave you more grounded in who you really are.  Struggle has a way of bringing out your greatest strengths if you can rise up and accept who you are becoming in relation to change.  If you wrap your identity up in the things you do, it can feel like a destruction of your identity if you come to a point where you are forced to stop doing things you once loved. 

I used to play guitar and sing and music was my whole world!  When I met my husband we were both musicians and our life together started out totally focused on music and getting our song out into the world.  Then I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 and my parents told me to stop playing music.  For years I hadn’t much cared what demands they tried to impress upon me, I mean who listens to their parents!  But I was very impressionable and I figured that maybe they knew what was best for me in that moment. 

Before that time I had been practicing for four hours a day, and I was getting pretty good!  My identity was wrapped up in music and I didn’t know who I was without it.  At the time it felt like my whole world was falling apart, so I stopped doing the very thing that made my life whole.  When I stopped playing classical guitar I floundered for years and it felt like I would never find that passion again. 

Sometimes in a person’s life, there comes a time where you have to let go and begin again.  If life is one thing it is a process of reinvention, reinventing yourself over and over again as you face change throughout the years.  If I had one word of advice to my younger self who was going through that sadness, I would say reinvent yourself!  There is no time like the present to be what you might have been.  And if too much time has passed or you are ready for a change, try something new.  Letting go of the past can be hard but give yourself the gift of moving on with grace.  Honor who you are today and let your passion be your guide! 

How to Instigate Change

Feeling stuck can happen to anyone, and sometimes when you least expect it.  Everything can be peachy, and then one day you wake up and life feels totally heavy and constricted.  Suddenly the things you used to do no longer light you up, and your normal routines might begin to feel constrictive. 

When this happens there are three pathways you could take.  You could ditch out on everything and everyone you once loved, and seek out an entirely new way of life.  Or you could choose to do nothing and just sit with your misery for a while.  Sometimes making this choice can lead to years and years of desperation and longing.

The third choice, my favorite of the three, is to take small steps to level up your life.  By taking it slow, one choice at a time, and using your intuition to guide you to what is in the best alignment with your soul; before long you will wake up in the morning just excited to be living to the fullest.

You can create a transition in your life by making small changes.  One thing leads to another and before you know it you are on a path that feels totally incredible again.  You don’t have to wait for life to knock you down before you change your way of life.  By taking the time to tune inward on a regular basis, you keep your finger on the pulse of what lights you up in the present.

Lately I’ve been fairly obsessed with the idea of creating change based on intuitive hunches rather than waiting for a life transition to kick me in the ass.  When you allow your intuition to guide you and begin to trust the inner longings of your spirit, life can be such an adventure!

Journal Prompts

1.     What areas of your life have you been wanting to change?  Is there anything that has been worrying you or that is constantly on your mind that you want to change but you keep putting off?  Sometimes we get so focused on problems that it’s easy to forget to think of solutions that fit your life.  Is there a way that you could start making small changes in a way that would be fun?  If you enjoy the process and approach change in a way that truly suits you it becomes an adventure!

2.      Is there anything that you do that feels closely connected to your identity?  List those things and then ask this question…”Who am I apart from the things I do?”  It is so easy to wrap up your identity in the things you do, but people are so multifaceted!  Create a new definition based on who you really are deep inside. 

3.    Everyone has special gifts to offer the world.  Claim some of your gifts.  Get a poster board and a stack of magazines, and create a vision board that celebrates your gifts!  Include things you love, things you are good at and who you are becoming.  Then put your vision board somewhere you can see it often, and celebrate your gifts!