Destiny in the Daily Details


Chapter Eight

Let the Journey Be Your Guide

Sometimes one hobby can lead to another, like watercolor painting did for me.  I used to worry a lot about being a Jack of All Trades, Master of None because I had seen other artists jump from one hobby to the next with little care as to really mastering any one thing.  Life is a journey, not a destination, and hobbies are in your life to make it rich, fresh and fun!  So I say do what you are passionate about and let the sky be the limit!  You never know when you will find that one thing that really sets your heart on fire.  So dabble and play and try things that sound fun. 

One thing I often do is I will designate certain periods of time to try new things.  Like if I feel like playing with some new materials in my art I will designate weekends to exploring that new hobby.  Or maybe I will give myself a strict budget and just add one new thing to my creative routine to stir things up a bit. 

Once you begin to follow your heart and get in tune with your passions, don’t be surprised if suddenly you discover lots of things you want to try.  Let the journey be your guide!  There is no wrong way to pursue passion, let yourself be led by your desires and you will have the time of your life!

Destiny in the Daily Details

Some people think a lot about life purpose, and about what the meaning of life is.  I say that destiny is in the daily details!  You can be what you want to be and life has all the meaning that you bring into it.  People create their destiny by the things they do every single day. 

The Buddha taught that you can tell your future by how you are living life today.  This can be quite alarming if you know you aren’t living to your full potential!  When your actions begin to be in alignment with the passion in your heart, then you will be fulfilling your true destiny.  Some people have great big life purposes that change the world for all, and other people have life purposes that change the world for a few people.  When you are happy and living your life with gusto, it has an impact on the people around you.  And your happiness will rub off on them which is the greatest destiny anyone could have. 

Giving Others the Gift of Passion

Once you begin honoring the dreams in your heart, don’t be surprised if people close to you begin to also talk about their own dreams and desires.  Just as you love to have the freedom and encouragement to try things, you can gift that encouragement to other people you care about. 

My husband used to work all the time and his life was dominated by technology.  Then one year his parents bought him a camera for his birthday.  He had always been taking photos and I had even tried to encourage him to take photography more seriously as a creative passion.  When he got that camera it totally changed his life!  We started taking photo adventures all around town and started traveling to nearby communities for photo shoots.  It was hard at first to go with the flow of change because I was used to the way things had always been.  And people in your life might feel the same way if you start to buck the system and follow your heart!  Have compassion with yourself and the people you care about and gift people the gift of change.  Today he takes photos in a studio and he is happy as a clam!  And I love to encourage him every step of the way. 

Try to find ways to encourage people in your life.  You can do that by being a great listener, and try to tune into those things that really light them up.  Then find ways to be a support system for them and their dreams. 

Commitment to Showing Up for Yourself

Some people put everyone else’s needs before their own, which can be a major hurdle to doing what you love.  It takes a commitment to yourself to put your desires at the top of the list!  But that commitment pays off in droves.  I love author, Zoey McKey’s concept of putting your needs first and then help other people after that.  She says that both parts are integral to the equation. 

If you struggle to put yourself first, try this challenge.  Devote just one day to following your heart, and do the things you desire.  See how good it feels to honor the wisdom of your desires, and document the experience in your journal.  Then try to bring that same commitment to yourself into every day!  I know life gets busy and sometimes it is very hard to put your needs before others. 

Life can throw us challenges where we have to take care of others’ needs first.  But you don’t want to wake up one day at 80 years old, feeling like you missed out on following your heart because you spent your life focused so much on other people that your own needs never even mattered.  And being a martyr never helped anyone in life.  What does bring joy is to stay true to you and commit to showing up for yourself in the ways that you need.