The Rhythm of Desire


The Rhythm of Desire

Sometimes desire is a very planned thing, especially when you have a lot of commitments in life.  But there are times when taking a more spontaneous approach can be even more of an adventure!  Spontaneity is something that young people really cherish, and as the years go by it can be easy to lose touch with that reckless abandon.  People love to take vacations because when they are on vacation they can let their inhibitions down and just go for it!  There is a way to bring that same feeling into your everyday life. 

I have mastered the art of reckless precision.  I don’t travel very much but the way I spend my time is very unplanned.  I’m very lucky to be able to do my arts and creative passions all the time and I do not work a regular 9 to 5.  So during the day I take little breaks to tune inward to see what sounds fun or enriching to do next.  Taking the time to check in with your heart throughout the day to figure out what you need in that moment and then doing that very thing is a way to keep spontaneous passion as a way of life. 

You can bring that sense of spontaneous adventure with you throughout every activity of the day!  And when you go out in the world, try to say Yes instead of saying No so often.  If someone suggests a fun adventure, go with the flow and be courageous!  You never even know how much fun you will have, or what you might discover about yourself or those you care about unless you have fresh experiences.

Honor your responsibilities and commitments but making room for spontaneous adventure and unplanned passion can really change your life into something a lot more fun!  And when you are open to letting in new experiences, just wait and see how much more enriched your life will become.

Making Room For Passion to Grow

There are so many things you HAVE to do in life, it can feel challenging sometimes to work passion into your life.  If you have kids or a lot of major commitments, life might feel like a flurry of activity taking care of those commitments without much time to honor your own needs let alone desires.  Make room for passion to grow!  Create a list of all your roles and commitments, and then figure out which ones are truly necessary and integral to your life.  If you are doing things because you feel like you should be doing them, but your heart isn’t in it, then maybe you can opt out of certain commitments to make more time to follow your heart. 

Are there certain tasks you can delegate to others, or can you get other family members involved in some way to ease your burden and give you more free time?  Maybe you could hire a cleaning service to clean your house or someone to do the lawn work. 

Maybe you could opt out of being on committees and focus that time on hobbies and things that really light you up!  It’s great to make a difference and get involved with things you care about.  I love to be of service and donate things I have created to charities from time to time.  So perhaps there is a way to get involved in the groups you love in a new way, and be of service with the things you love to do. 

Passion as an Inner Compass

Following your desires can become a way of life!  The more you allow passion to guide your daily choices, it spirals out to infuse your life with joy and meaning.  Passion begins to steer your ship, and even when you get off track that passion will keep guiding you back to your inner joy. 

When you allow desire to be your inner compass, suddenly you are making decisions that are totally in alignment with your heart.  Decision making becomes much easier when you are committed to doing those things that bring you joy.

I am a seamstress and an artist, and sew quilts.  Sometimes I go through phases where I lose my passion for quilting, it is a lot of hard work! I used to force myself to show up in that sewing room for a few hours every day. But then my younger sister passed away and I knew it was time to do things differently in my life. So now when I get opportunities for my creative pursuits I always check in with myself to see if that opportunity feels right to me.  Instead of jumping in too quick I figure out if my heart is really in it.  If not, I say no.  Opportunities come and go but if something doesn’t feel right it is better to not get involved instead of jumping in heads first only to wind up miserable.

Passion has become sort of a treasure map, a way to discern what commitments I say yes to and what I want to put out into the world. 

The wisdom of your desires is that they are the language of your heart!  Those things you have always wanted to do are a part of who you truly are deep inside!  If you have ever wondered who you are, or who you are becoming, take a look at those things you really want to bring to fruition in your life.  Then honor those desires and bring those dreams into existence, one small step at a time.  Let passion steer your ship and the destination becomes less important.  Life is not a series of achievements and items checked off of a to do list, it is an experience to cherish and enjoy every step of the way. 

Every day, every moment, is a new chance to follow your heart.  Enjoy this one life!  Seize the Day!  With passion as your guide you will reap the benefits of a life well lived.  Give yourself the gift of passion and let it fill your days with unlimited joy! Happiness is fleeting, it comes and goes. But the true joy of following your heart can make your life a true adventure.