Art for Stress Relief


There are so many reasons to create, and every creative has their own personal reasons as well. One of the things that keeps me coming back to art over and over again is that it is a major form of stress relief for me! I would say that as a nation, the USA has a high stress level on average. There are lots of ways to blow off steam, some are healthier than others. But making art and using color are ways to tune inward and calm the storm that is a healthy way to unwind and nourish yourself.


Making or coloring mandalas is one proven way to reduce stress. Mandala art soothes away trauma because making the symmetrical designs or coloring pages activates certain parts of the brain that can relax away the trauma in a profound way. Mandala making is great for people suffering from PTSD, but is also a great hobby for everyone to enjoy when they are stressed to the max. I have a mandala coloring book, but sometimes I choose to draw and paint my own mandalas when I’m stressing out.


Another great hobby that soothes stress is coloring in an adult coloring book. Kids coloring books work great too, but I think it is more just the act of slowly filling in a page with color that soothes your nerves and takes the edge off. I used to be against coloring because I felt like it was like karaoke to a rock star…it just seemed to elementary compared to all of my fancy art making. But lately I’ve been really enjoying coloring and find that it relaxes me so much and helps me unwind. I think part of it is that I don’t have to come up with the designs myself, and can just add color in a relaxed frame of mind. Try coloring if you need a soothing hobby! It’s affordable and can really be a lot of fun. It’s also a great practice to do when you are trying to come up with ideas. It gives your mind a break and then all these fabulous ideas come rushing in the moment you least expect it.


Sketching is another way to ease your mind, but can provide additional stress if you are a perfectionist. You can also grab a watercolor set and try to paint your feelings into messy colorful art.

So Yeah, I’m an artist. But the main reason I keep going at this hobby is because it soothes my soul! It nourishes my mind and helps me work through anxieties in life. If you need some stress relief, try some new art techniques or give mandalas or coloring a try. They truly do work and when you are done you will have a pretty artwork to hang on the wall!