Abstraction and Exploration


This spring has been surprising to me! It has brought so much change to my household, and fresh ideas and inspiration are slowly beginning to thaw the ice of winter. I signed up for a bunch of art classes, and am now dabbling in all sorts of creative experiments. My art style has tended to be quite structured and rigid as I put the focus on drawing. But I’ve been loosening up with paint, and trying out some more abstract and intuitive styles.

Alisa Burke has a class called Painters Bliss, I purchased it as part of a bundle of painting classes. It was strange because I was already thinking of taking her Poetry and Paint class, and then all of a sudden she offered a bundle of four classes for the same price! I’ve taken a ton of her classes over the years and even though I like to call her the Martha Stewart of art, I am taking away some major shifts from the Painters Bliss class. Just beginning a work with swatches of color, or just throwing color at the page to suit my mood is leading to all manner of magic and mayhem as I craft work that seems ripe with surprises I couldn’t plan with my old style of art making.

I’ve also signed up for Impulse by Hali Karla, and cannot wait to dive into some intuitive exercises. I’ve wanted to take one of her courses for a couple of years, and now feels like the right time to begin! At first my new experiments felt timid, like I was somehow not showing up to do my best work. I have been totally stuck on portraiture for way too long. I mean, sure I have made other things along the way but I never know how to categorize any of it. The thing is sometimes to grow you have to go in a new direction! So I’m hoping that in time my work will become better for the risks I take to stay on the edge of my creative unfolding.

My portfolio is just a small sample of all the works I have created, and I turn to look and see what progress has been made. I’m hoping to include so much more in the near future because it is a source for me to take stock of what I’m learning and I often look at it to see what I want to do next, based on the things I’ve already made that I love. But keeping one foot in the past is no way to get forward motion!! Having done art stuff for nearly a decade, I’m so ready to expand my capacity for surprise at the page; and to create works that ride the wave of a freer kind of ocean. My muse is begging for a looser painting style, and so I put brush to paper and then make something of the mess I created. And from all the chaos I bring it back to something with a bit of structure that can please that part of me that needs something to hold onto.