Painters Bliss

I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog for a while because my art is going through something of a transition. I’m taking some classes to free up my painting style a bit, or at least to get myself flinging around paint again!

I’ve taken lots of classes by Alisa Burke, but this most recent class is my favorite by far! It is called Painters Bliss. I truly didn’t know quite what to expect from this course. I haven’t taken very many courses that were specifically around painting per say…I took her class on creative backgrounds but Painters Bliss just never called out to me. I’m so happy that I discovered this class!


Painters Bliss is all about making messes and painting with emotion. My style typically tends to be really structured and I have had a hard time making abstract things because I never know when an abstract work is finished. Painting with your emotions leads to all sorts of fabulous mess making! I’m only a little ways into the class, Alisa promises that she will bring some order to the chaos later in the class. But I’m loving the chaos of flinging paint so much that it doesn’t even feel like it can get any better!


So I’ve been creating a lot more in an expressive style. The class is centered around acrylics but I’m using watercolor instead, because when I layer acrylics I tend to make mud. I’m so much more comfortable with watercolor because that has been my go to media for most of the time that I’ve been an artist.


Painting in this emotive, expressive style is so much fun! Every time I show up at the page I just get to let go and let the paint flow. It is a very cathartic experience, and if you have never tried it you should give it a go! I totally recommend Painters Bliss for freeing up your art. The class is super affordable and available for everyone on Alisa Burke’s website.