Crushing It! Lynda Barry


Lynda Barry is one of my true creative heroes! I discovered her work through the book “What It Is” which is a comic book that teaches you how to write. Her work is just true genius!! She is an associate professor of art in Wisconsin, and has had the most diverse and incredible creative career!

What I really respect about Lynda is that she has taken her loves of art and storytelling and has expressed them through so many different portals. She has worn so many hats as editor, cartoonist, author, teacher, playwright and more. But she does everything in her own lovable, quirky style. I love her because when you see her work you can tell that she puts herself deeply into everything that she does.

Lynda has won many awards and they are well deserved! I recommend her book “What It Is” to anyone wanting to write or tell stories with their art. I’m going to dive back into that book myself because there is so much wisdom and inspiration contained in the pages. The book is chock full of the most incredible art, which is inspiring in itself. It features the most intricate hand drawn and collage based art in a really quirky memorable style. But the storyline in the book gets you to tune into your own life story. Because everyone has a story to tell! And when you can do that with your arts so much the better!

Lynda Barry is a true creative hero!! She is an inspiration to all creative women looking to express their creative vision in a myriad of ways.