Too Legit to Quit

Lucky by Kathryn Sturges

Lucky by Kathryn Sturges

Lately I’ve been painting a lot, and trying to get myself in the sewing room! I have all kinds of sewing projects that need my attention right now but all I really wanna do is push paint around. My art has slowly been transitioning into art journaling more than creating series of pieces and I’m really enjoying just showing up to paint each day.

If you have been making art for a long time like I have, you may have had those moments where you feel like taking a pause. I’ve been grappling with my own inner critic lately and have been thinking about setting aside my painting for a while for more practical art forms. My sewing seems to be the one area where I know I can make money. It is the most in demand of all my arts, so sometimes it just feels like the obvious choice to focus on. But my creative spirit just loves to play with paints…it truly has become a kind of self care for me more than anything else.

Nourishing my spirit feels so important at the moment! I haven’t put my visuals out there for sale in a really long time, so art for me feels a bit selfish and frivolous. At the same time it fills me up so completely when I’m painting and I lose sense of time for a while. The weight of the world slips off my shoulders for a while and I can just breathe a sigh of relief as I draw and paint these expressions of my inner world.

Last night I pondered and thought, and came to the conclusion that all this art making nonsense is just trivial…that maybe it doesn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of the universe. So I got on my soapbox and declared that for the rest of the summer I would just sew. I was planning on packing up all my painting goodies and forcing myself into that sewing room. Then after lunch today all I wanted to do was paint, and nothing could stop me from getting out my watercolors and playing for a while.

I guess I will choose an unconventional approach to success…that it’s ok to paint just because I love it so damn much. The desire to lead a life of passion and do what I want with my time is just more important than forcing myself down a path that my heart just isn’t in at the moment. If success is doing what you love in life than I’m already there!