Kyra E. Hicks is Crushing It!

Rainbow Contemporary Quilt by Kat Sturges

Rainbow Contemporary Quilt by Kat Sturges

I’ve been wanting to learn more about quilting in the Black community, and when I did a search I discovered Kyra E. Hicks. Kyra is an incredible quilter and spokesperson for the Black quilting community. Her quilts have been featured everywhere from the Smithsonian in DC to the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC and beyond. She is an author of a long list of books about African American quilting and carries the torch to compile the rich history and tell the stories of Black quilters in the US.

Kyra’s quilts explore political, religious, family and romantic themes. Her quilts are visually stunning with a focus on telling the story of what it is like to be Black in a society of white privilege. Some of the quilts show her sense of humor while others have deep messages infused in the cheeky designs. She is a master of applique and Kyra’s quilting style reflects a contemporary style infused with bold color and strong elements of design. Her quilts leave a mark, and when you see one you will remember it always.

Kyra has multiple websites dedicated to Black quilters, and her range of books focus on everything from Black history as it relates to quilting to quilt patterns that tell of a rich heritage. Here is the link to her main website, and if you search throughout you will see a vivid picture emerge of the men and women who are quilting their own traditions, and celebrating Black culture through fabric and thread.

Hats off to Kyra E. Hicks for trailblazing and showcasing the legacy of African American quilting as it has developed throughout time. She also shares the spotlight with other Black quilters bringing visibility to a thriving community of quilters who both carry on tradition and also forge a whole new path for generations to come.